Stress and how it affects your Health!

Recent studies have indicated how stress could be one major factor in determining one's health issues. There are many disorders where the emphasizing factor could be stress alone. It is not a myth that people love to binge on food under stress, smoke under stress and drink under stress. Eating unhealthy, smoking, drinking all could be kept under control, which is very good, when not under stress. Your mind never listens to your body or you for that matter when you are under stress. It is therefore important to stay stress free to lead a happier and healthier life.
How to handle stress

When you are under stress, you would have noticed how you do more mistakes than when you are composed. Work when it gets hectic and monotonous could be difficult to handle. The stress at work is pretty common and the health issues pertaining to it could be easily listed out -

Raging Temper

Blood Pressure




Have you ever felt how your work's progress is on time and efficient when you are working in a composed way? Controlling stress is not simple but not difficult too and just needs a bit of practice and determination. Be it official or personal, planning always helps in saving time and keeps you ready to face anything that might turn up. In fact it makes you anticipate for things in a more cheerful way. Plan your day ahead and make notes on how you are going to work things out on which time.

This will help in keeping you stress free when work or personal thing piles up as you have schedule for everything that is lined up and also have extra me time which you could use effectively. Make time for meditation: It is important that every single person out there allocate some time to relax his mind. This is easily possible by meditation. You will have to initially take help online or join a class to learn and then start practicing on your own. Once you start following meditation you will see how much your life has changed for the better.

Make time for hobbies: Hobbies are certainly important for people in general, no matter what your age be. This is simply doing something you like for yourself. It is more like a ‘me’ time. Your hobby could be anything - music, dance, gardening, reading or collecting stamps. Just spend time on doing these small things which please your mind and keep you happy. Once you start allocating time for these small but happy things, you will see how stress has vanished and you in fact will be looking forward to more such me time.

Enjoy what you do: Many of us out here always have the habit of cribbing over small things. This is more out of the fact that we are stressed at the way how nothing has worked for us. Not all get to work on things they have always dreamt about and not all could be successful in what they are doing. But when you enjoy what you are doing, you will see how your mind and body coordinate well together to get the work done more efficiently!

Schedule a morning walk everyday: Morning walks could revitalize your body. The muscles all need to be stretched and walking is the best way to get the flexibility you have always desired. Plus, it builds up the stamina. Early morning is the best time to go for a walk because that is the most fresh air one could grab all through the day. This morning fresh air is filled with oxygen which flushes out most toxins and eases your respiration.

When you inhale oxygen fresh outside in the morning, you are ensuring all your cells are becoming active. This fresh air also tends to clear all your thoughts and you can see all your stress vanishing and your mind relaxing when you wander out in the fresh air. This apart from clearing your stress helps in building appetite, clears constipation and aids in digestion. Walking also helps in keeping you fit and in better blood circulation.